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What is Leadership?

Do you have the natural ability to lead? Do you end up doing the work of leader in your job, in your family and with your friend group? Leadership is defined as "the action of leading a group of people or an organization. What does leadership mean to you? This is first question I ask all clients to clearly define in our first session together.

Leadership means different things to different people. For some, success in leadership is getting an office, a parking spot or getting the respect from the team and your peers that you deserve. Obviously those can be a few benefits of leadership, however this is not truly what leadership IS.

Leadership is so much more. It's about serving the group of people that report to you in the way they need it. It's about taking responsibility when there is misstep or something/someone does not achieve their task. Leadership is about working with people and all the different personality types.

In order to be the best leader, it is important to understand your role, expectations and to build trust. Get your journal out and over the next week. Make a list of all the great leaders you know and have worked with and write down the qualities that made them special. Why do they stand out? What sets them apart? Specifically, what do they do differently? List the behaviors they exhibit that caught your attention.

Once you have the list together, Call Level Up Leadership and we will begin your Leadership journey together to set you up for success on your path.

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